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Payments to Physicians

The following companies have published reports disclosing payments to U.S. healthcare professionals:

Eli Lilly

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Articles and Blogs

The Carlat Psychiatry Blog. Menopause: The Scandal (part two). 2010 Sep 29.
This post cites documents from Prempro Products Liability Litigation

Doshi P, Jefferson T. Clinical study reports of randomised controlled trials: an exploratory review of previously confidential industry reports. BMJ Open 2013;3:e002496.

Examples of CSRs in DIDA include:
-Clinical study report re MK-0966
-Clinical Study Report Protocol 078
-Merck Clinical Study Report...

Fugh-Berman AJ. The Haunting of Medical Journals: How Ghostwriting Sold "HRT". 2010 Sep. PLoS Med 7(9): e1000335. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000335.
This paper cites documents from Prempro Products Liability Litigation

Hill K., et al. The ADVANTAGE Seeding Trial: A Review of Internal Documents. Annals of Internal Medicine 2008 Aug. 149(4):251-258.
This paper cites documents from Humeston v. Merck & Co and Hermans v. Merck & Co.

Landefeld S, Steinman M. The Neurontin Legacy - Marketing through Misinformation and Manipulation. The New England Journal of Medicine 2009 Jan 8;360(2):103-6.
This paper cites documents from Franklin v. Parke-Davis

Ross J, et al. Guest Authorship and Ghostwriting in Publications Related to Rofecoxib: A case study of industry documents from Rofecoxib Litigation. JAMA. 2008;299(15):1800-1812. doi:10.1001/jama.299.15.1800
This paper cites 18 documents from Cona v. Merck & Co. that were added in March 2008.

Singer N. Medical papers by ghostwriters pushed therapy. The New York Times, August 4, 2009.
This article cites documents from Prempro Products Liability Litigation.

Steinman MA, Bero LA, Chren MM, Landefeld CS. Narrative review: The promotion of gabapentin: An analysis of internal industry documents. Ann Intern Med. 2006 Aug 15;145(4):284-93.
This paper cites court documents from Franklin v. Parke-Davis

Steinman MA, Harper GM, Chren MM, Landefeld CS, Bero, LA. Characteristics and Impact of Drug Detailing for Gabapentin. PLoS Med. 2007 April; 4(4):e134. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0040134
This paper cites documents from Franklin v. Parke-Davis.

Vedula SS, Goldman PS, Rona IJ, Greene TM, Dickersin K. Implementation of a publication strategy in the context of reporting biases. A case study based on new documents from Neurontin litigation. Trials 2012 Aug 13;13:136-6215-13-136.
This paper cites documents from Neurontin Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation.

Wilson D. Drug maker said to pay ghostwriters for journal articles. The New York Times, December 12, 2008.
This article cites documents from Prempro Products Liability Litigation.

Further Resources
Celexa and Lexapro Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation - U.S. Department of Justice press release

Franklin v. Parke-Davis and related claims were concluded in May 2004 with a $430 million settlement and an agreement to plead guilty to resolve civil liabilities and criminal charges pertaining to this case.
See the U.S. Department of Justice press release for more information

Grassley, C. Ghostwriting in Medical Literature. June 24, 2010. United States Senate Committee on Finance, 111th Congress.

Logdberg L. Being the Ghost in the Machine: A Medical Ghostwriter's Personal View. PLoS Med 8(8): e1001071. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1001071

McHenry L, Jureidini J. On the Proposed Changes to the Credibility Gap in Industry-Supported Biomedical Research: A Critical Evaluation. 2012. Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, 14(3)156-161. doi:10.1891/1559-4343.14.3.156

The PLoS Medicine Editors. Ghostwriting: The Dirty Little Secret of Medical Publishing That Just Got Bigger. 2009. PLoS Med 6(9): e1000156. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000156

Declaration of Virginia Barbour, PLoS Chief Editor, in support of the importance of releasing the documents in the 2009 Prempro litigation [PDF; 17 pgs]

Special issue: SYMPOSIUM: Institutional corruption and the pharmaceutical industry.(2013). The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 41(3).

Waxman, HA. Memorandum to the Democratic Members of the Government Reform Committee: The marketing of Vioxx to physicians. May 5, 2005. Committee on Government Reform Minority Office, United States House of Representatives.

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